1-Year Old Baby Saved By Teens While Pregnant Mother Died On A Crash Scene

Teenage years were those years where we still play around and learn to become mischievous at times. Unless teens were trained to do good and help neighbors as kids, teenagers can simply ignore the good deeds when they do not feel like so.

Teens happen to be passing by a site where a pregnant lady was found heard noise from a baby. The teenagers were from Illinois. Their names were Hunter Hasenjaeger,16 and Collin Barry, 17.

It was about 12 midnight when they came across this road accident. The teens said they first saw the car which was a Chrysler. They saw that the front part of the car was ruined. While checking the scene, they overheard some screaming that was coming from a small baby.

They came near and they were faced by the dead body of Alexis Danley who was 27. She was also carrying a baby at six months the moment she died.

Teenagers back then did not know who was responsible for this terrifying incident. But surely they knew that that person would be caught by the policemen anytime soon.

The little baby looked so scared although it was just sitting at the back part of the car.

Hunter felt some connection with the little child. While waiting for the policemen to come, the teenagers were quick to think and they did all they could to take the baby girl into safety.

Check out the video and witness how such compassionate male teenagers helped a small child out of an accident.

Footage provided by WGNTV Chicago