10 Animals That Just Don’t Care

The funniest interaction I have ever had with an animal was certainly my 2nd year of college when I approached an incredibly chubby squirrel sitting down on a school trash can.

The little fluff was minding his own business, scarfing down a monstrous piece of deserted Sbarro pizza while passersby glared.

As far as I’m could tell, food was the only thing that mattered to him at that minute in time. Otherwise, he simply didn’t care and it was definitely amusing.

Have you ever seen an animal, wild or not, do something so absolutely zany that it stopped you in your tracks?

Possibly your pet rests on the sofa like a human, or the familiar yard deer camps out on your deck. Regardless, it’s safe to state that animals in some cases do the darnedest things.

Take a look at this hysterical gallery of animals who cannot appear to be troubled. These animals have actually made it clear that they do not have time for your games!

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1. This seagull

Reddit / imdbay

2. This deer

Reddit / malakistiri

3. This duck

Reddit / X3FBrian

4. This Costa Rican cow

Reddit / jacobo

5. This pup

Reddit / I_eat_grapes

6. This chubby possum

imgur / brikhouse2

7. This silly goose

imgur / VoteForGreg

8. This seal

imgur / osbaston

9. This squirrel

imgur / supplenupple

10. And finally, this pudgy raccoon

Reddit / Studystand

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