100-Year-Old Preserved Wedding Cake Discovered By Grandson

People believe that true love knows no age, and it is one that is meant to last forever. A recent discovery of a 100-year-old wedding cake preserved by an old married couple proved just that.

Back on March 17, 1915, Inez and Harvey Warninger got married in Crookston, Minnesota. Their young grandson, Ronald, was able to grow up with the memories that the couple made with their wedding cake.

This was stored and preserved in the family freezer, which was to be forgotten later on.

As a child, Ronald was given very specific instructions not to touch the wedding cake, and he just followed the simple rule. However, as years passed by, the couple eventually died.

Now, Ronald and his sister have been trying hard to find the cake desperately. They have looked in all of the possible places for the cake but just couldn’t find it.

However, the table shave turned when he turned 67 years old.

In 2015, as Ronald was cleaning out his garage, he came across a canning pot placed in a hatbox. As soon as he saw it, he definitely felt sure he was looking at what they had been searching for so long.

And indeed, it was the wedding cake that was preserved for over 100 years. He and his sister were astonished and amazed at how it had survived all this time even after it had been left forgotten for quite some time.

Although the cake could never be eaten and is already hollow on the inside, it still looked like it was in perfect condition. Thus, it was a great way to symbolize the love that their grandparents had, since the cake had survived so many wars that passed through it.