11 Facts You Never Knew About Blue Willow China

The majority of us have actually seen the unique Blue Willow china pattern lining a rack or more in our houses growing up.

The stunning mix of blue and white porcelain has been a staple for households since the 1700s, however just how much do you learn about the traditional meals?

There has been a lot of misconceptions and mistaken beliefs about their background throughout the years, so I chose to get to the bottom of the matter. Along the method, I revealed more unexpected truths about heaven Willow style than I anticipated.

For example, you will not think just how much some sellers have the ability to make for particular mint-condition variations of the China. And do you understand the reality behind the romantic story that’s portrayed on the most popular variations?

You’ll be as surprised as I was to lastly get a glance behind the stunning Blue Willow china style.

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1. The Designs Aren’t Even Chinese

Wikimedia Common / Wmpearl

2. The Romantic Story Behind The Design Is Not True

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3. They Inspired An Opera

Wikimedia Commons / Unknown

4. True Willow Patterns Have Some Requirements

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5. The Trees Are Neither Apple Or Orange

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6. They Are Known As The Original “Blue Plate Specials”

Wikimedia Commons / Kaszeta

7. They Do Come In Differnet Colors

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8. The Birds Are More Plump In Some Versions

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9. They Have Never Gone Out Of Style

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10. Collectors Hold Annual Conventions

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11. Mint Condition Designs Can Fetch A Hefty Price

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