11 Fun And Creative Ways To Turn That Old Cookie Sheet Into Something Special

As many experienced crafters know, sometimes it’s not necessary to rush out to your favorite hobby store with all the great supplies you have lying around your house.

If you think about it just a little bit you’d be surprised how many things you have and use every day that you can use in your projects. One example is those old cookie sheets you might otherwise toss out once they’re worn out.

All you need to do is give them a good washing and you can turn them into all new works of art.

You’ll find some more amazing ideas for transforming your cookie sheets below. Really the only limit is your imagination.

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Thumbnail source: YouTube

1. Magnet Collage

Facebook / Country Living

All you need is fabric, some acrylic paint, and a glue gun to prep this easy transformation.

Find detailed instructions on Sadie Seasongoods.

2. Custom Kitchen Art

Instagram / kerry callahan

Use a stencil from online or freehand it like artist Kerry Callahan with your own unique design for a perfect addition to your kitchen walls.

3. Kids’ Games

Instagram / Krystal {Eagles Went South}

Clever mom Krystal from Eagles Gone South makes good use of a simple piece of paper, and the possibilities for fun games are endless!

4. Kitchen Monogram

Instagram / Laura Deely-Marshall

How precious is this? Crafted by Laura Deely-Marshall with her grandmother’s cookie tray, and all it took was some glue and a stencil to add a charming touch to this old sheet.

5. Dry-Erase Board

Instagram / thecraftypikachus

Here’s an idea from The Crafty Pikachus that uses duct tape instead of paint.

6. Advent Calendar

Instagram / Kim~at~Home

Instagramer Kim At Home says her son Payton loves adding to this cute advent calendar, and the idea could easily be re-interpreted for other months as well!

7. Makeup Organizer

Instagram / Manda Summers

Here’s a great way to keep all of your foundation, mascara, eyeshadows,  and other items right within your reach, just like Manda Summers did by adding magnets and painting the pan in her favorite shade.

8. Kids’ Car Tray

Instagram / Sarah Milligan

Mom Sara Milligan uses cookie sheets to keep spills from staining her car’s floor. Come to think of it this could be just as useful in the house as well.

9. Monoprint Project

Facebook / Tinkerlab

The folks at Tinkerlab have all the steps to create these awesome art projects with your kiddos, and without making a huge mess!

10. Cookie-Sheet Guitar

Instagram / Richard McComb

OK, so this project might take a little musical, mechanical and electrical, know-how of someone like guitar maker Richard McComb, but you have to admit, the result is pretty awesome right?

11. Punched Tin Art

Facebook / Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom

Follow Suzy’s advice on her blog and use the same delightful rooster design, or come up with your own custom design.

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