Things Not to Keep in Your Wallet

One of the few essential things that most people can’t do without is their wallets. Everyone carries important things in their wallets and require it every time they go out. But there are certain things you ought to be careful of keeping in your wallet just in case it gets stolen.



1. Social Security Card

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Your social security card is not a mandatory identity document required for everyday use, so just tuck it away somewhere safe in your house instead of carrying it in your wallet, to avoid identity theft.

2. Every Credit Card

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Never carry all your credit cards with you at the same time.

3. Spare Keys

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Leave a set of spare keys with a neighbour or with a friend nearby, but don’t carry all your keys with you. It defeats the purpose.

4. One-Of-A-Kind Photos Or Notes

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Sentimental mementos such as photographs or personal notes. Wallet thieves would usually just throw these away and you may never retrieve them even if you get your cash back!

5. List Of Your Passwords

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Never write down your passwords and if you do, never carry them in your wallet.

6. Checkbook

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Your chequebook can give thieves access to your banking and identity details. So only carry it if you need to write a cheque.

7. Tons Of Cash

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With plastic available, there is no need to carry a lot of cash. It invariably attracts thieves.

8. Passport

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Your passport is not required unless you are leaving the country. So leave it in your home.

9. Receipts

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Receipts from previous purchases can be a great resource for thieves. So throw them away or file them properly in a safe place.

10. Phone

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Carry your phone and your wallet separately. If both get stolen at the same time, you would be helpless!