11 Times People Found Totally Mysterious Things Hidden In Their Attics!

The shift to a new house is always fun and exciting. If the house you are moving to with your family is an old creation, then it adds more to the experience. You look around and wonder what and how the previous owners were like. And when you find something left behind for yourself, you feel happy and lucky.

Looking around the house gives a feel of their lives, like some marking on the wall where they might have measured their kids.

When you start exploring the place especially the attic, at times you come across some spine-chilling or pleasing keepsakes for yourself. Below is a list of such eleven people who found something unusual in their new attics.

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Flickr / Jo Naylor

As per Haplessru, a girl heard some noise from the attic. As soon as she went and opened the door loads of crayons fell upon her.


Flickr / Anthony Easton

As reported in DrEnter, a family found the attic to be full of knives. There were more than fifty machetes and even after ten years we still find some hidden somewhere. It is scary.


Flickr / JC Awe

A couple found 3 shoes left in the attic when they moved into the house, as per a news in Neitherjefnorjon.


Flickr / Mathilda Samuelsson

Chain letters were common in the 20th century. A similar letter was found containing threats and good luck in case of not passing it. The letter also mentioned how one lady got a free petticoat. The news is taken from Rumbledeboop.


Flickr / CastawayVintage

A man told Lazlounderhill that he we found an empty chest in their attic which was too big to go through any door or vent. He says I am still trying to figure if there was any another opening previously by which this chest could have been kept here.


Flickr / Kathy McGraw

“I got the goosebumps when I saw the false teeth wrapped in a big rucksack. There is something eerie about the place” – Melizathornberry


Flickr / paolo s.

“After partying and drinking one night, we explored the attic and found a 4X4 painting of a man staring at you through the mirror. It was a good but scary at that time.”-Dysosmia


Flickr / jmawork

As told to Argonplatypus a family said “We found a spirit board made of wood which looked pretty old but real. We have not disturbed or even used the board yet.”


Instagram / partypatchplus

As told to non-earthling a person found a milk crate full of cloth bags. Each bag had eight more Crown Royal bags inside it. There were over hundred purple colored bags in no specific size.



Nattylight_Murica reports a person finding back window of Chevy/GMC truck from the ’80s model tucked in the attic.


Flickr / Counselman Collection

A family told Aiku that they found an old family Bible with family history written from the 1700s. It was handwritten and we took it to a nearby church that was also 900-year old. The priest was able to recognise the descendants who still lived here and we gave the Bible to them.

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