12 Truly Genius Ways To Make Use of Your Old CDs

I have no idea about you. However, I’ve got heaps of old CDs around my house. I understand I’m most likely never ever going to require them once again, not with modern-day music-streaming innovation.

I likewise do not wish to toss them away; they have a particular degree of emotional worth. Plus, the idea of them being in a landfill for several years and years appears unneeded. If I can recycle something in an entirely brand-new way, I’m absolutely going to take that path!

These 12 methods to recycle old CDs are all so genius. Plus, you can utilize them as a jumping-off point for your very own next massive work of art.

Do you believe that you’ll be using your stacks of old CDs for any of these tasks? There are a lot of that I never ever would have thought to do on my own. However, the rainbow-like shine on the disks produces an ideal DIY product!

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1. Make a CD Earring Holder

Instructables / sabbott

2. Table Mosaic

Instructables / TroyH2

3. Turn Them Into Bookends

Instructables / Thinkenstein

4. Make Fish

Instructables / Bran

5. Make Lamps

Instructables / Artificial Intelligence

6. Roof Shingles

Instructables / Jayefuu

Make a Clock

Instructables / merleman

8. Make a Giant Clock

Instructables / thenanny

9. Turn Them Into a Solar Curtain

Instructables / sara m.

10. Turn Them Into Candle Holders

Instructables / NRG2014

11. Storage Compartment

Instructables / ShakeTheFuture

12. A Cube Lamp

Instructables / thelastonekills

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