Daily Tips from Our Grandparents’ Era

We may have better technology and we certainly can afford more small luxuries than our grandparents could in their time. But despite this, they had a very common sense approach to daily life that we lack. With just a small trick, they could do some very imaginative things!

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1. Water Plants With Yarn

Flickr/ jessjamesjake vintage

It is always a problem when you have plants. You simply can’t go away on a holiday and leave them to rot after lavishing love and care on them. One trick is to put a big bucket of water next to the plant and use yarn spread out from the water to the plants. This will ensure that the plants keep getting some moisture while you are away.

2. Store Eggs For Six Months

Flickr/ shelfappeal

If your fridge has conked out and you don’t know how to keep your eggs fresh, then this tip will help. Take a cooler and put a layer of rock salt in it. Take the eggs and coat them well with some kind of edible grease, then bury them in the salt. Store in a cool and dry place.

3. Use Bacon To Remove Splinters

Flickr/ lobstar28

Do you have a splinter? Just put a piece of raw bacon fat on it and stick a band aid to keep it in place and go to bed. You’ll find that the splinter has moved to the bacon by the morning.

4. Slice Bread With A Hot Knife

Flickr/ alsis35 (now at ipernity)

Baking your own bread? Then boil a pot of water and dip a serrated knife into it. Dry it and then slice the loaf into thin pieces cleanly.

5. Cut Dish Sponges In Half

Flickr/ Chris

Going through a rough patch? Then save some money by cutting your dish sponge into half. It will last much longer and there isn’t much difference anyway with the work.

6. Use Toothpaste To Clean Silver

Flickr/ Classic Film

If your silver jewelry is tarnished, take some toothpaste and rub the piece of jewelry with it. Rinse and dry it off. It will immediately look brighter.

7. Turn Old Socks Into New Rags

Flickr/ Classic Film

If you have old socks that you want to throw away, try using them as a duster instead.

8. Freeze Orange Peels To Keep The Disposal Fresh

Flickr/ alsis35 (now at ipernity)

Peel your oranges and throw them in the dustbin. It will keep the bad smell away.

9. Cool Wine With A Tea Towel

Flickr/ Classic Film

Forgot to cool your wine? Just grab a towel, wrap it around the bottle and put it under cold running water for a while.

10. Revive Wilting Flowers With Boiling Water

Flickr/ Swallowtail Garden Seeds

If you have flowers that are starting to wilt, you can perk them up with hot water. Boil the water, cut the stems at the bottom in an angular manner and make a slit in the middle. Then dip them in the hot water for a minute and then put them in a fresh vase of normal water. The flowers will revive in a few hours.

11. Remove Salt Stains With Lemon

Flickr / Vintageprintable1

To remove salt stains, cut a lemon and press it on the stain. Wipe the juice with a damp cloth. Repeat a few times and the stain will be gone.

12. Put Non-Dryer Safe Clothes Into The Dryer

Flickr/ RebeccaVC1

Put the clothes into the dryer for five minutes and hang them to dry. You can avoid having to iron them.