12-Year-Old Sets Up A Video Camera Next To Window Box And Captures An Entire Family Of Owls

An unforeseen visitor appeared at her window in Oklahoma City when Alessondra Click was 6 years old. Little did she understand, this visitor would alter the course of her daily life for many years to come.

An owl appeared and made a house for himself right in her flowerpot. The girl called the owls “The Tigers,” and took an immediate interest in them.

Alessondra’s mommy, Deziray, motivated her child to cultivate her interest in these birds. The household established a camera to examine the nest at all hours of the day.

They even put the live stream online for anybody all over the world to view. To this day, about 9 million folks have actually tuned in to see the little owl household.

Alessandra has actually even ended up being rather the owl specialist in the 6 years that she’s been studying this owl family.

They brought a baby owl to the nest, and something genuinely incredible took place. Fortunately, it was all captured on video camera!

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Footage provided by KFOR