The Greatest Reunion of All Time

Those who love music could probably give out a list of the greatest ever collaborations that have taken place over time. This list would also probably be at the tips of their fingers, and it would not take long for them to mention what are considered to be classics for everyone in general.

Music today has changed a lot in terms of issues such as the presentation and genre popularity. However, there are a number of songs that were done more than a decade ago and are still considered by most musical connoisseurs to be timeless.

Two of the people who could be considered to be among the legends of the music world are Sonny and Cher. This duo came from humble beginnings starting their careers as backup singers for those who were considered larger acts at the time. Thankfully their persistence finally paid out and they eventually got the recognition that they deserved. The duo went on to dominate the charts between the 60s and 70s, spurning out multiple hits for an enthusiastic crowd.

What made the two even more noticeable was their offstage relationship. The duo did not only perform together, but they shared a love that existed outside of music as well. Unfortunately as some will well know, working with a spouse is not always an easy task and this can have a negative effect on the relationship. Cher and Sonny finally separated after 6 years of marriage which came as a devastating blow for those who followed them religiously.

The separation did not change the fact that they created wonderful music together, so when a reunion between the pair on David Letterman’s show was on the offing there was a lot of excitement. The exes discussed Sonny’s plans of reigniting his career with their daughter Chastity before performing the hit song “I got you babe” for a lucky crowd. Though this took place in 1987, it will always be a memorable event on the musical calendar.