13 Crazy Identical Twin Stories that are Nearly Too Funny to Believe

Although I am not speaking from experience, I can imagine how being an identical twin can make life fascinating.   Just imagine, out there, there is someone who was living his/her life, but looks like a photocopy of you.

Imagine the very many times that friends mix up identical twin siblings, accidental kisses on the cheek of the wrong twin and the number of suspected infidelity.

Although some of these mix-ups are sometimes embarrassing, they all create very incredible stories. As things appear all twins must be ready for such things.

Here are 13 stories from twins and people with twins that are amazing.  At times, the stories are accidental, while in other cases they are well planned set up by the twins.  Anyway, I wish I was present for all of them, to have a look on their faces.

Do you know or have a twin with a funny story? Cases like the ones below will happen more than you can think.  Please share with friends and families.

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Flickr / Yuya Tamai

Every week, a friend and his wife go to the same supermarket.  Also, his identical goes to the same place with his wife.  One day after gaining enough courage, the cashier calls my friend’s wife aside and tells her that she is sorry to inform her that she has seen her husband many times with another woman. — 8979323


Flickr / Steve Baker

One morning, my friend said hi to his brother, but it turned out his brother was his reflection in a window.  Her mom was a witness and always reminds him. — MaddMaddWorld


Flickr / ttarasiuk

During our sixth grade, my brother decided to stay at home since he was unwell.  While walking down the hall, a teacher I had never seen before pulled me suddenly.   She then started yelling at me as I had skipped her class, and I had the courage to walk in front of her classroom. It turned out to be an awkward moment when I said I have an identical twin brother, and she thought I was making an excuse. I was forced to go and get another teacher who knew that we were twin brothers and she told the truth. — JSweat


Flickr / Tyler Bolken

Shortly after my brother became a Marine officer, I joined the Peace Corps and started working as a teacher in Eastern Europe.  During my service, we had drinks at a dinner with friends of the host family. One of the gentlemen presents was a Soviet helicopter pilot, and he asked me if I am interested in trying his uniform.

Both of us have almost similar size; thus he allows me to try the uniform.  I saw it cool and decided to post a picture online while wearing it so that all friends can see.  A few days later, my twin brother calls while pissed as a hell because someone had seen his pictures while wearing well-tailored Soviet regalia, during his screening for security clearance.  He yelled at me while complaining that his clearance might be postponed. Up to date, we still laugh about it.— Thelastterminator


Flickr / Amanda

Back in college, I was dating a girl, and for the first I went to her house, after she opened the door, I kissed her and told her I liked what she had done to hair, she kissed me back and went inside, only for her to yell at her sister, that your boyfriend is here. — vairoletto


Flickr / Central Sussex College

My brother and I got into a science fair, but he got sick before the award ceremony, making me go with just my mom.  I have not ranked anywhere, but my brother won the first place. My mom forced me to stand on his behalf after they called his name.  I weirded everyone when I started crying instead of being proud of him. — frrll


Instagram / meet.josie

To mess with customers, the McDonalds manager places one on the food window, and the other on the pay window. — Goldendamo


Flickr / Eddy Van 3000

In our junior year, I was the vice president, while my twin brother was the class president.  During the after school re-election speeches for senior year, my brother was at home.  I presented my vice-president speech, then got a friends shirt and presented the presidential speech on his behalf. — Brandanp


Flickr / Kelly Sue DeConnick

During a Christmas party, my twin identical twin brother and I utilized our identicalness.  It was the building where my brother was supposed to play as Santa. When he went to get the clothes, I wore them and got into the party where the kids thought they know me.  Some minutes later, my brother came saying that he did not find the costume, making the kids lose their minds. — CaptainChewbacca


Flickr / Nazareth College

While on campus, I studied a language that my twin sister did not.  Occasionally, professors would spot her and talk to her using a language she never understood. — UWhatMate


Flickr / cybrarian77

In my school, one teacher had lost his arm, but he had a twin brother. People who did not know would run into the twin and get surprised that he had an arm.  Funny enough, the guy would agree with them and start talking about arm transplant before opening up. — Justicepain


Instagram / darwishayit

My twin brother and I shared economic class in high school.  Our classmates knew me as polite and quiet, while he was funny.  One day we switched seats, and being the usual annoying self, the teacher who did not think he was funny got mad at him.  After class, he told me the teacher hated me. — storm_troopin


Flickr / Schplook

We were sharing Spanish class with my brother, and throughout the semester, our teacher got confused.   During our finals at the spoken test, our teacher would get into the hall then would get one by one.  I went first and did it, then changed shirts with my brother, and I went to do it on his behalf, as he was not good at it.  The teacher fell for it, but to make it worse; I scored better for him than myself.