Fallen Officer’s Teenager Son Surprises Him By Using A Bear Created From His Mom’s Uniform

It is the duty of police officers to provide safety to community.

Sometimes situation occurs when they make themselves injured or even worse than that.

The same thing happened with Lieutenant Debra Clayton. She was a fallen officer from Orlando but became murder suspect and passed away during confrontation.

She served that community for 17 long years and her death was shocking for everyone especially her son.

Her son Johnny was trying to overcome the sorrow of death and suddenly he got a surprise from 14 year old girl, Megan O’ Grady. She is the owner of non-profit organization. They make bears for the children of fallen officers and so they prepared for Johnny.

You might be shocked of this gift as Johnny is a college going student but you will be touched to know how they prepare this beautiful bear.

It was prepared from the uniform of fallen officers to gift them to their children.

They designed it manually through blue line embroidered design. The buttons were used as eyes and decorated with ST. Michael medal. After that they were sent to children of fallen officers.

It was the brightest moment for Johnny getting this blue line bear.

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