18-Year-Old Dies After Spending 15 Minutes on A Hot Day

Rachel Mikel still can’t believe that her son is no longer with us. She said that he was a bright light in her life. Her son’s name was Elijah. When he was two years old, the doctors told Rachel and her husband that he had severe autism. He would grow up to be nonverbal because of to his autism. This did not stop Elijah from being a joy towards other.

Elijah was an outdoorsy kind of person. He would bring his caregiver to all sorts of places. Back in July 2018, they both trekked the trails of Clinton Lake. This was a path they would take on a regular basis. Since it was the summer, it was a very hot day.

Fifteen minutes into the walk, Elijah started to exhibit odd behavior. He started to sit down but could not get up. The caretaker had to call Elijah’s mom out of concern. Rachel thought her son was in a stubborn state, but then she went there to see something wrong with him.

They called the ambulance. When they arrived, they said that Elijah’s temperature was at 108 degrees. Elijah had a case of heat exhaustion. Everyone tried to cool him down as they rushed him out.

They thought that Elijah would make it. But, he didn’t.

On that day the temperature was as high as 102 degrees. Those in Kansas, where Elijah lived, didn’t often take heat weather warnings as they should. Days like this one makes one prone to heat stroke or heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion wears down the body’s muscles, including the heart.

Footage provided by WDAF Kansas City

Elijah’s family now shares his story to warn everyone about the dangers of hot days. They hope that this story will prevent families from losing their loved ones to the wrath of the sun.