2 Cops Abandon Meals At Golden Corral After Getting A Call. Then Woman Notices Food Is Untouched

Cops, Fire-fighters or EMTs are few people who are so efficient that they can desert anything in between and leave for their duty. It is unimaginable for us, what sacrifices they have to do. They miss out making wonderful memories with their families and sometimes just on a moment notice, they skip birthdays or any other occasion in between.

Brittany Davis, customer of Golden Corral witnessed this reality while she was out for dinner with her friends. Two sheriff’s deputies arrived at the restaurant and they seemed quite in trouble and were conversing on their respective phones.

They sat on one of the table while taking food from the buffet counter.

They had just sat for dinner when they received an emergency call over their radio. In a nearby neighbourhood, shots were fired and they were asked to immediately go and investigate the matter. They left their plates as it was and immediately hurried out.

Seeing this quick response, Brittany was overwhelmed and highly impressed with the officers. She clicked the pictures of the untouched suppers and unfilled seats and uploaded the same on Facebook. She narrated how great those officers are and there are very few like them, who leave their food purposely for helping others.

Along with picture, she also commented, “I thank to each officers for their effortless dedication to work and for all the sacrifices they have done for us. I want to thank you for all the restless evenings, for all the birthday & family parties that you relinquished for us, for all family time sacrifices that you did for our safety and especially for protecting us. A hero like you is less born and you deserve all respect.”

The picture posted is now a web sensation and all people are tagging their first responders to convey their thank you!

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Photo source: Facebook / Brittany Davis / Twitter / Poughkeepsie Journal