2 Teen Boys Rescue Starving Puppy By The Side Of The Road

Just like the responsibility of caring for a child, owning a pet requires the same amount of care and accountability in ensuring the well-being and best interests of that pet.

Whatever animal it may be, being a pet owner is a big responsibility. It is not like owning a toy that you can just throw out when you no longer want it. In that regard, one cannot just abandon a pet when he or she loses interest.

Sadly, not all pet owners understand this. The irresponsible owner of a 5-month-old pitbull decided to abandon his pet and leave it on the side of the road while locked inside a dog crate.

A logger discovered the crate along with some food the owner left for the dog. The kind logger decided to take the pitbull out for some fresh air and water. After the dog was able to move around, the logger left him tying his leash to a tree.

While tied to the tree, two teen boys on bikes passed by and spotted the dog and saw that it was in extremely bad shape.

The boys, named Sam Rice and Brady Thebeau, knew the puppy needed help and a good loving home. It was evident that the puppy had been neglected by its previous owner.

As they approached the puppy, its mood changed and looked very happy to see them. The two boys decided to take him with them home while their parents made the necessary arrangements to get the puppy looked at by a vet. He was named Brad Pitt, on the count that he was a pitbull.

Although he won’t be adopted by any of the two boys, he knows they were the ones who came to his rescue. The two boys were recognized for their kindness by the local authorities. More importantly, thanks to Sam and Brady’s good deed, the weak puppy is now in its peak condition and is ready to find a forever home.

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