23 Years After, Bobbi Ann’s Disappearance Is Unsolved Until Today

A mother named Bobbi Ann Campbell disappeared on an ordinary day back in 1995. She left her child Stephanie Cook because she have to run some errands and do some laundry. Stephanie knew she had to leave to do some laundry, but what she doesn’t know is that her mother won’t be coming back home.

Stephanie Cook mentioned that it was really out of character for her mom to leave without any notice. After the police have found out regarding the missing mother, they immediately investigated.

No trace, no signs, and no trails left behind by Stephanie’s mother. Days, weeks, and months have gone by, but there was no particular lead. However, after 8 months the police have located Bobbi Ann’s vehicle. The car of Bobbi Ann was located abandoned in Salt Lake City, near the Jordan River. There are no signs of Bobbi Ann, and the car was unlocked, and the clothes of the family that was supposed to be washed were still inside.

Justice slowed down and after more than two decades, still no trails of Bobbi Ann discovered, which still remains as a mystery.

Stephanie was just 5-year-old then, and she mentioned that there’s no day that she would not think about the reasons of her mother’s disappearance and not a day that she doesn’t suffer from that. Stephanie is now a mother herself and has two beautiful babies. When her children will ask where their grandmother is, she hopes that she will be able to tell the truth. Despite that, she did not lost hope to eventually discover what really happened that day back in 1995.

Even though it is already 23 years after that event, Stephanie’s search would not end because she feels that she needs to have a sort of closure with her mother.

Thumbnail Photo: KSTU Salt Lake City 

Footage provided by KSTU Salt Lake City