3 Experts Are Stumped By 2 Strange Red Orbs

The specialists of This Old Home have a genuine doozy on their hands in the video listed below.

After Head Landscaper Roger Cook positioned a set of red plastic orbs on the table, each of the specialists ventured their finest guess as to exactly what they might be used for.

I, for one, believed they may be routine kitchen devices. They advised me of the determining cups I have at home, so I figured the red orbs needed to have a comparable function.

I could not have actually been more incorrect!

Initially, pipes and heating professional Richard Trethewey stated the orbs reminded him of his high school days, playing in a mariachi band!

When he stated this, I could not believe it. How could a product utilized by a mariachi be associated with my guess of a kitchen home appliance?

Well, they were incorrect!

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