3 Male Dancers Perform ‘The Nutcracker’, Bet You’ve Never Seen It Like This Before

When most people think of The Nutcracker they usually think about the classic Christmas a superb ballet performance or the movie.

However, it’s a production that’s been around since 1892 so there is bound to have been some evolution in performing it right?

Well, here’s a performance by with the California Philharmonic behind 3 male dancers that we have to say is anything but classical!

It opens with three men on stage and dressed very appropriately in the familiar, red, nutcracker costumes.

As the dancers get started the crowd seems like they don’t quite know what to expect. It’s like they know something surprising is coming but they don’t know what.

The trio goes into a “pop locking ” routine that correlates perfectly to the music.

They’re not just talented, but they do a great job of injecting their personalities into the routine. You can see that while they’re great dancers they also enjoy entertaining the audience.

This performance of this classic may not be suitable for a younger audience but it’s something a more mature crowd can appreciate and enjoy.

What do you think of the creative performance? Do you think it’s entertaining? Let us know in the comments.

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