38 Years Later, Amanda Scarpinati Reunites with Mystery Nurse Who Saved Her

Amanda Scarpinati was only a few months old when she had an accident that left her disfigured. She fell onto a hot-steam humidifier and suffered from third-degree burns.

Her condition was critical, and the medical team from Albany Medical Center in New York treated her to the best of their abilities. Unfortunately, her burns were so severe that they left her with scars that became a constant source of bullying. Growing up, she was frequently teased and tormented because of her injuries.

But, we can always find light in the darkness.

She had possessions that she could turn to when she felt down. Several black-and-white photographs came from the hospital’s 1977 annual report. They were taken when she was being treated there as an infant. In the photos, a nurse whose name was not included in the images was tightly cradling Amanda.

Amanda said she would often look at the photos and start talking to the nurse, even though she had no idea who she was. She took comfort staring at the woman who seemed so sincere while taking care of her.

Amanda spent 20 years desperately trying to find that nurse. With no name and just an old photo, it was difficult to continue the search.

But then, in 2015, Amanda realized that social media might be able to help. She wrote of her situation and posted on Facebook, sharing the black-and-white photographs.

Countless people saw her plight and quickly shared her post. It instantly went viral, and within 24 hours, Amanda struck gold.

Susan Berger was a 21-year-old nurse fresh out of college at the time the photo was taken. Amanda was one of her first patients. She was recognized by one of her fellow workers from the same hospital.

After 38 years, Amanda and Susan had a touching reunion. Both left lasting impressions on each other’s lives during that fateful time decades ago. Susan felt so lucky to have someone remember her all these years, and Amanda was grateful for this then-unknown woman who took care of her in more ways than one over the years.

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