Two Sisters 55 and 61 Get Makeovers That Leave Them Looking Decades Younger

Makeovers rarely fail, it’s almost as if all stylists are able to do magic! They take someone in need of some changes and make them feel alive again.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a makeover that wasn’t successful. So who wouldn’t want one of these great transformations?

Especially on the Today show, where you have so many great people surrounding you, and to top it off your in New York, the city that never sleeps.

In this episode of the ambush makeover, two sisters get a makeover.

Deb is 55, and Sandy who is 61, went all the way from Iowa on a sister trip to commemorate Deb’s birthday.

They may look their ages before the makeover, but by the time the glam squad is done, everyone is absolutely stunned.

The makeup-free, hair dye-free, permed-up ladies get up-to-date and come away looking decades younger.

With a little styling and a touch of makeup, these two are beaming and smiling as bright as ever.

They return home as new women, and they look stunning.

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