Pregnant Army Wife Shocks Hosts With Her Amazing Transformation

Cindy is expecting a baby anytime now at nine months pregnant, while her husband serves in the military overseas.

As if not having your husband around just to keep you company isn’t enough just imagine doing it while also going through such a life changing event, and also being one of the biggest milestones a family goes through as well.

As Cindy recently appeared on the popular talk show The Real, you could see that he is extremely motivated to get home to her!

It was Cindy’s sister who got her on the show to participate in a segment they were doing on makeovers.

As you’ll when you watch the video below, after just 60 minutes, Cindy comes out onto the stage, and everyone in the building was shocked at how beautiful she was.

And when she gets a look at herself, she’s clearly impressed.

Just imagine what her husband said when he first saw her makeover.

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