9 Reasons You Should Appreciate Squirrels

Many folks dislike squirrels, believing them to be pests much like opossums or moles. One of my friends even refers to squirrels as “big rats with fluffy tails.”

Sure, sometimes the furry critters may snatch seeds from the bird feeder in your backyard. They might even dash out suddenly in front of your car.

But the more I have learned about squirrels, the more I have realized that they are seriously misunderstood creatures. Contrary to popular belief, they are actually extremely intelligent. On top of that, they are very friendly and adorable animals that deserve to be loved by all humans.

Seriously, squirrels make everything they do cute and silly, from eating globs of almond butter off a fork to burying nuts in people’s hoodies. Their overall quirkiness and occasional hankering for mischief is what makes them my favorite animal.

Check out this list of nine reasons you should ditch misconceptions and start loving squirrels. These companionable creatures will be so happy to have your friendship.

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Thumbnail Photo: Facebook / Sneezy The Penn State Squirrel

1. They Eat The Insects

Pixabay / papjeff


2. They Help By Planting Trees

Facebook / Sneezy The Penn State Squirrel


3. They Are Friendly

Flickr / Sergey Gabdurakhmanov


4. They Are Intelligent

Flickr / D Coetzee


5. They Get Pudgy During The Winter

Flickr / Dawn


6. Some Of Them Can Fly

Wikimedia Commons / Partikppf


7. They Can Help You Boost Your Business

Facebook / Fantasy Isle Ice Cream & Mini Golf


8. They Are Acrobatic

Flickr / Franco Folini

9. They Help Eliminate Waste

Wikimedia Commons / Kham Tran


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