9 Strange Things Pregnant Women Do in the Past

Pregnancy is a very delicate stage in a woman’s life. Back in the old times, women believe in superstitious traditions to assure their offspring would be at their best condition. Here are 9 weird things women told to do in the past while they’re pregnant:

1. Wear Corset.

It was believed to have health-improving designs and moms were told to wear them during nursing and pregnancy stage.

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2. Smoke Cigarettes.

In the old days, smoking was believed to keep the baby’s weight down and improve the mother’s bowel movement.

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3. Sip Chloroform.

Before epidurals, moms usually use healthy chloroforms to render them unconscious of the child labor pain.

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4. Stare at Something Pretty.

While DNA has something to do with the baby’s physical appearance, women in the past believed that looking at pretty things will make their babies look beautiful, too.

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5. Drink Alcohol.

Doctors used to recommend drinking red wine while in the state of pregnancy.

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6. Don’t Ride Cars.

The bumpy car ride was believed to have the same effect as climbing up a bronco. It was safer to travel by train.

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7. Disregard Cravings.

Moms have certain bodily reactions while pregnant but this seems to have something to do more with physical ideals than health concerns.

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8. Avoid Sunlight.

Strangely, women were told to never go out in the sun because the UV rays might cook their baby.

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9. No Funny Business.

Doctors suggested to avoid any hanky-panky actions before child labor as this might cause the child to inherit libidinous habits.

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Most of these beliefs are now medically unacceptable. They were solely based on myths. No matter how absurd these practices are, taking care of your health is the best way to ensure your child’s safety.