Nine Devastating Unresolved Mysteries behind Popular Celebrities and Personalities

A lot of celebrity fans today would be eager to know exactly everything about their favorite personality. Usually, they would expect their favorite celebrity to be transparent to them even when it comes to their favorite celebrity’s personal life. Some fans have this connotation that they should be aware of anything and that everything is exactly going on in their favorite personality that sometimes they would go overboard in minding their business.

Celebrities have the right to their privacy too, and just like everyone else, behind all their glitz and glamor and popularity, they are simply regular people.

Tragic as it may sound, but sometimes these famous celebrities are only being acknowledged just like any other regular human beings when they suffer in a devastating tragedy. With this, here are some of the old familiar faces who were either just starting up with their career or widely famous already when darkness overshadowed their circumstances.

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1. Bruce Lee, the Martial Arts Master and the Death Strike

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There were a lot of speculations of the death of this martial arts master, Brue Lee. Everyone was shocked by his untimely death that they claimed that his death was caused by death strike, a martial arts technique. However, those who were with him during the night of the incident said that Bruce took an Equagesic, which is a mixture of muscle relaxants and aspirin.

That is also what the autopsy report showed. Bruce seems to have a hypersensitive reaction to the medicine, yet his fans still believe otherwise as he died at a very young age of 32.

2. Amelia Earhart’s Disappearance

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Amelia Earhart was known to be a risk-taker, an adventurous pilot. Her disappearance had caused a huge fuss about exactly what happened. Experts and enthusiasts even conducted a study when she disappeared in 1937.

Speculations of her disappearance with her co-pilot Fred Noonan range from being captured by the Japanese forces to getting engulfed by the mysterious superstitions of the Bermuda Triangle.

Although, there has been a recent study conducted by The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery or TIGHAR about the circumstances of what happened on that day. They announced that there’s evidence that Amelia Earhart possibly survived the crash landing on an island nearby their point of destination. The group greatly believes that Amelia was living as a castaway in the Gardner Island until the lack of potable water took a toll on her life.

3. The Black Dahlia’s Murder

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In 1947, Elizabeth Short, a 22-year old lady was savagely murdered. She was found dismembered and disfigured on the side of the Los Angeles road. For several years, there were lots of people who claimed to know the killer, but the case remained unresolved, due to lack of evidence.

4. The Elvis Presley Fans, The Grimes Sisters

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Sisters Barbara and Patricia Grimes, 15 and 13 years old, respectively were known to head to the local Chicago Theater to watch their favorite celebrity’s first film, Love Me Tender on December 28, 1956. However, they were found dead on the side of the road on January 22, 1957, with no hint to be found. The killer was never found, nor captured.

5. The Tragic Love Affair of Lana Turner

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Unknowingly, the actress got involved with a gangster who is affiliated with Mickey Cohen and his crime family.  However, after discovering the truth, Lana broke up with Johnny Stompanato. The latter didn’t accept the actress decision. He persisted that resulted in a shaky love affair that lasted for about a year.

It was after they attended the 1958 Academy Awards that this shaky love affair would turn into a tragic love affair. It was reported that both were in a heated argument that ended up Cheryl Crane, Turner’s 14-year old daughter into stabbing Stompanato with a kitchen knife. There was plenty of speculation going on, but the judge ruled that Cheryl was only protecting her mother, which is deemed justifiable homicide.

6. Bob Crane Beaten to Death by a Camera Tripod

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The actor was found beaten to death by a camera tripod in 1978 in his hotel room in Scottsdale, Arizona. The case remains to be unresolved due to lack of evidence. Though, fans and family members, as well as authorities suspected Bob Crane’s friend, John Henry Carpenter. They speculate that the latter got upset when he, Bob Crane tried to end their friendship.

However, Robert, Crane’s son believed otherwise he suspected his step-mother due to being a benefactor of his father’s will.

7. Charles Lindbergh and His Tragic Loss

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He made a good name with his long distance flights. Though, the media outpour all began when his son, Charles Lindbergh Jr was taken from His New Jersey home with a ransom note left demanding of an amount that later was increased.

Tragically, 2 months after, the 20-month-old toddler was bound dead with a mark of getting beaten badly hard with a blow to the skull that could have caused his untimely death.  Richard Hauptmann was convicted and sentenced to death after 2 years of investigation. Despite the conviction, Hauptmann continued to announce his innocence, and some major historians question his guilt.

8. Virginia Rappe’s Death in Roscoe “Fatty” Arbuckle’s Hotel Room

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Rappe celebrated Labor Day party at the mega star’s hotel room. She was an aspiring model and an actress. She died while celebrating in Arbuckle’s hotel room. Her cause of death was initially speculated with a ruptured bladder, after supposed trauma at the hands of the mega-star.

The actor faced different trials, but witnesses came forward to defend him that cleared him out of all the charges. The tragic events caused his career, and the cause Rappe’s death was never known.

9. A Devastating Death of Sal Mineo

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His death was surrounded by mysterious tribulations when he was murdered by an unknown attacker in 1976. He was stabbed once but got a fatal blow to his heart. A local pizza delivery man was convicted for his death. The man was already connected to a string of robberies in the area. Though, it was said that the evidence was only circumstantial. Hence, doubts still exist to who was the real killer and what was the reason behind the killing.