A Doctor Revealed That There is Life After Death!

Our brain is probably the most complicated organ in our body. Without you thinking, you’ll not be here on this page reading this article. Thus, scientists and researchers never stop to find fascinating facts about it. One of them is Dr. Sam Parmia of NYU Langone School of Medicine in New York City.  He is a director of a researching team who studies the parts and functions of our brain and is an expert in critical care and resuscitation.

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He had done several studies on near-death experiences, and he considered them as significant   achievements in his field. But, how do we die in the first place?

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Which of the heart or brain stops first?

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In an interview with Live Science, Dr. Sam Parmia said that technically, one dies on the moment the heart stops beating.

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According to him, it is true that there is life after death; the brain still works after the heart stopped.

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The doctor further said that he had patients whose heart shut off but were awake subconsciously.

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They were cardiac arrest patients who were flat-lined or declared dead, but their brain functions were active.

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Dr. Sam Parmia revealed that the patients were aware of their physical environment.

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They watched their nurses and doctors’ worked and conversed.

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As of today, his team has a lot of questions to answer. But, the doctor is sure of one thing; the experiences of his patients who went through death might be reflections of ours when we die.


His team tries to understand what exactly happened to those patients who went through death. Hopefully, it will make things clearer in the end!

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