A Foal With Talipes Equinovarus Gets A Second Life By A Midwife!!

The very thought of a new born being chopped off sounds sadist. But Trident, a foal, was born with a congenital disease with a talipese quinovarous foot. He was born few hours back and was determined with the disease.

On the Amish Farm in Indiana, Trident, horse bay was born. But his back legs were not normal. The three bones were not developed in him on the rear of his legs. This meant, as he grew, he won’t be of any help to the farm owner. So, the owner decided to get rid of him now than later.

However, a midwife Tuesday Lach, was on a visit to the farm for a check-up. She heard about Trident and offered to help the poor fellow and the farmer with a better option. She had handled such cases in past, and knew what was to be done.

Tuesday’s sister worked as a animal caretaker at Woodstock Farms. Dawnell Kilbourne assists animals with injuries or other disabilities to live who otherwise are of no use their owners.

The sisters approached Ronnie Graves, the ortho doctor who specializes in making kits for animals with disability. He has even helped elephants to walk normally. He agreed to visit Trident.

He flew all the way from Florida to Indiana to see Trident. After doing detailed analysis and writing all the relevant measurements he flew back to Florida. He confirmed to give Trident a new foot and new meaningful life.


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GoFundMe / A Future For Trident

Trident had an ill-fate soon after he was born.

He had congenital abnormal foot and would not be able to drag a buggy once grown. Thus for the farmer, he was of no use.

Coincidentally, a midwife was on a farm visit and had a word with her sister working at Woodstock Farm. They agreed to adopt Trident and tend to his needs.

Facebook / Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

He was missing three bones from the back leg. That meant, he could not walk around normally. And with age and weight as he grows, life would be tougher for him.

GoFundMe / A Future For Trident

Then, Ronnie Graves, a known vet who is an expert ortho was called. He analyzed Trident and took measurements to create a new leg for him.

Instagram / woodstocksanctuary

Ronnie made a new artificial leg for Trident, that allowed him to walk and trot just like other horses.

It is a miraculous thing that happened to Trident. He might have some abnormalities. But with the way medicine and technology are growing, nothing seems impossible. Any genetic disabilities can be overcome too.

Facebook / Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Trident took little time to adjust to this new equipment. But when he realized what all he can do with the help of this, he got used to it readily.

Soon after he got his new life, he made a long drive to Woodstock of around 12 hours. He now lives among other farm animals like goats, sheep, cow etc. But he is the first and only horse on the farm.

Instagram / woodstocksanctuary

The Woodstock farm is a place for all such needy animals who require special equipment’s. There is a cow that has leg braces.

The director of the farm, Kathy Keefe says, “Trident is special to us and we are happy to have him in our sanctuary. We will take care of him as he grows big and old.”

Facebook / Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Now, Trident is so happy that he can trot and jump and so things he never thought of.

Trident has many fans both online and offline. A doctor at Rhinebeck Equine Hospital mentioned that it is no less than a miracle for Trident. He says that Graves’ gear has done wonders for him.

While dealing with Trident, we all have found a fresh approach of dealing with horses like Trident. With this, we can save them and give a happy and healthy life.

Facebook / Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Trident is occupied playing with newly found friends.

Facebook / Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Many people came along together to make this happen. The midwife, people at Woodstock farm, Dr. Grave and GoFundMe who assisted with money.

Facebook / Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Trident is a blessed soul with so many helping hands. He is happy to get a new life.

The video below, shows how Trident is enjoy his new foot and playing around.

If you want to help Trident and his friends at Woodstock Farm, please visit the website for donations. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to keep yourselves updated.

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