A Heroic Act to Rescue of People Stuck in a Fire

Back in November of 2017, Andy Mottram was on his way to grab something to eat with a friend when they saw smoke from a restaurant. Andy saw that the restaurant Billy and Madeline’s Red Room was on fire They immediately come to the rescue and found a woman screaming for help.Andy and his friend, Kevin Bauman, saw the woman who was in distress, trapped on the second floor. After that, they knew that they had to make an action because time is critical in these situations.

They found out that the woman who was trapped in the second floor was none other than the manager of Billy and Madeline’s Red Room, the 67-year-old Madeline.

Andy, who was blessed with tremendous height, standing at about 6 feet and 9 inches, took advantage of it, making him a human ladder. Kevin used Andy to climb up the roof of the burning building to the second floor window.

Andy told the WCBS New York news that Kevin was able to go up the roof using him as a human ladder. Kevin climbed on his back and onto his shoulders and onto the roof, grabbing Madeline and passing her down to Andy.

Another friendly neighborhood hero, named Frank DeMaio, came for help also who escorted the husband of Madeline and the owner of Billy and Madeline’s Red Room, 87-year-old Bill, out of the burning restaurant.

All these heroic actions are all recorded on camera by Andy but was hesitating to share the video online. Luckily the restaurant was closed that time and no other people were hurt. The three young men who helped rescue Bill and Madeline were awarded for their heroic actions.

Photos: WCBS New York