A Load Of Pink And Blue Balloons Flow Out Of Closet When Dad Opens It To Find The Gender Of His Baby.

It is always exciting to watch a film that shows how parents try to reveal their baby’s gender by a common tradition with fanciful twist.

Balloons are one of the favorite indicator that are largely used to signify a boy or girl child. Some fill a box with either pink or blue balloons while others ask their guests to throw darts at balloons filled with paints.

An expectant wife planned to surprise her husband by using this technique and hid a hundred pink and blue balloons inside the closet. When her husband returned home, he opened the doors and was amazed to see balloons filling up the room. He wasn’t sure weather his wife was declaring a baby boy or girl.

His daughter gave him a bag with onesies to make him realize that they are going to parent one more daughter and the balloons are a sign of celebration

The dad felt that caring three girls is going to be tedious for him, even then he is happy for the same

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