A New Method Developed in an Effort to Make Childbirth Easier

Childbirth is widely regarded as a miracle of life. And through thousands of years, people have seemed to develop different ways on how to perform childbirth.

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Some people try water birth, birth photography, and even natural labor. These are just some of the current trends in childbirth today.

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But although these methods may seem different, it’s safe to say that these childbirthing methods tend to “push” the baby as hard as they can during labor.

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This method of pushing the baby has been reportedly considered as an unsafe method for childbirth.

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A hospital in the UK called Medway Maritime Hospital seems to be taking a more gentle approach.

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They stopped telling the laboring mothers to push. Surprisingly, this has led to some amazing results.

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Pushing the baby should be done at the right moment for it to be done safely.


Medway Maritime Hospital in the UK has developed a system called Stop Traumatic Oasis Morbidity Project (STOMP). This project has the goal of reducing vaginal tears.

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Improper “pushing” can lead to incidents such as mothers totally tearing themselves and in some cases having the doctor to make an incision for a wider opening. Both of these require longer recovery time.

The STOMP method was designed so that possible injuries that may be sustained by laboring mothers can be prevented.

It also provides personalized assessments before, during, and after childbirth ensuring major improvements on your next visit.

So far, STOMP has been successful. In a span of 12 months, the occurrence of vaginal tearing among laboring mothers has reduced from 5% to 1.5%. This was from the European Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The STOMP method is a great way to improve childbirth and at the same time keep the laboring mother from injuries.

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