A Ripple of Fun and Laughter: A Video of a Co-host Mastiff is Viral

A weatherman and a Mastiff: who would have thought that this combo ended up in a hilarious ending? No one thought so until Global Edmonton tried it for the first time.

Global Edmonton in Canada decided to include an unusual guest as a host. It was a part Mastiff named Ripple. The idea was brilliant, but it didn’t end as planned. Ripple was up for adoption, and the TV exposure would help him find a new home.

Perhaps, the original plan was to feature Ripple. In the end, Ripple became co-host to Mark Sobel. The station expected the dog to behave, but they’re in for a pleasant surprise.

YouTube/Global News

Mastiff breeds are playful and energetic. Ripple proved that on TV. Its co-host thought that it would be fun to report the weather forecast with Ripple. However, the weatherman got more than that.

While Mark was busy reporting, Ripple began to chew on its leash. The dog was trying to get the attention of the weatherman. Mark, on the other hand, tried to reign in Ripple and to make the dog behave. The weatherman issued a friendly command.

Unfortunately, Ripple decided to be naughty and ignored Mark’s commands. Instead, the dog would try to pull Mark and beckon him to play and have fun. Mark continued the weather forecast despite the distraction. Luckily, he succeeded in finishing the report.

YouTube/Global News

In the end, Ripple also succeeded in freeing itself from the leash. The leash was ripped off, which garnered a hysterical laugh from the weatherman and the audience.

The hilarious ending of the weather forecast was not as planned but was a welcome changed of phase. Watch the entire video until the end. You won’t stop laughing or smiling.

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