Actor Babysits 1,000 Children of Soldiers in Disney World

Children are surely adorable but have you ever experienced babysitting a kid? It’s fun but at the same time it can also be challenging. Babysitting someone requires full responsibility, whether that kid is your relative or not.

As you babysit a kid, you’ll feel pressured once kids start crying and you might even lose your patience when they start to disobey your simple orders. If babysitting one is already difficult, what more if you have to babysit 1,000 children? You heard it right! An actor just did it.

Gary Sinise is a recognized actor and he’s also known as a friendly, nice guy who’s very charitable. He just made 1,000 children, along with their families, the happiest when he flew with them to Disney World.

Just imagine bringing 1,000 kids with you in one of the happiest place on Earth? If it sounds impossible, it’s the truth. That’s how charitable he can be.

Different families had their own memorable experience on how they were fetch. Supporters were there for those who came from Chicago, Santa Claus welcomed the families from Los Angeles, California and lastly, families from Nashville had the biggest treat.

Salute to you, Mr. Sinise! You’re truly an inspiration.