Actor Gene Wilder Suffered From Alzheimer’s According to Widow

Actor Gene Wilder died last August 29, 2016, while suffering Alzheimer’s. His widow, Karen, conveyed what it feels like to lose someone important in a concise statement.

Karen made an exclusive essay for ABC News about the struggles of having a husband that suffers from the said disease. Karen said in her piece that she never did expect to marry someone  famous. She also said that she never expected to spend his last years with her taking care of him. She wrote that the reason behind the former was “love” and the reason for the latter was “Alzheimer’s disease.”

The widow also indicated how they had been informed about her husband’s condition. She also recounted how each moment felt like a different one in every day for the past six years Gene had the disease.

Karen indicated in her essay that putting on a watch and even tying the drawstring for her husband had been a struggle since then.

As far as suffering went, they both did, and it wasn’t easy. She noted that Alzheimer’s disease disrupts the life of not just someone afflicted but also those that surround him, including her. Luckily, she received adequate assistance from the Alzheimer’s Association during that six year span.

Karen then ended her essay by saying that Gene Wilder died beside her, on their bed. According to her, Gene had been quiet those last days and hadn’t been speaking until his last day came. Along with Gene’s last breath also came his last three words to his wife, “I trust you.”

Gene said his final words by looking Karen straight in the eye and repeating them three times. Gene Wilder lived an amazing life with his career and his family. A video for persons living with Alzheimer’s disease was made to honor his life.

Thumbnail Photo: YouTube / Movieclips