Adopted Son Finally Gets A Home

Logan Hunt was given up for adoption when he was just a tiny baby. The only thing he has ever wanted to have a family. He was once adopted when he was a child but they rejected him and he was once again without a family.

Till the age of 19, he failed to find a home and lived in the foster care leading an unhappy life. When he could no more live in foster homes, he had to make his car his home. Hunt wanted a family and did not bother if he would have to live in the streets with them or in a palace. He only wanted someone to love him unconditionally.

Hunt’s biological sibling was named Shyann and was also given for adoption. He tried to find her. He got in touch with his sister but something even happier happened. His sister’s adopted parents liked him enough to adopt him as well!

They were reluctant at first but they were happy with their decision. They legally made Hunt their son in the court.