Cute Little Girl Loses It On Seeing A Carrot, Then A Huge Elk Creep Out To Grab It

There are varieties of animals available in the world and we can see them closely in different zoos.

These animals are not living good life as they are living in cages. We all love to see them in cages. Cages are the places where they are secluded and roam freely.

This little girl also went to outdoor safari with her parents in Quebec where she was feeding animals through window of car. She was not fearing at all by seeing the size of animals.

Below video shows how girl reacts when dad gave her carrot. She was very excited to feed but when this giant elk came inside the window, video became better.

Elk was fed carrot by that girl and he said thank you to that girl.

It was unforgettable experience for that little girl and I am happy that it is captured

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