Adorable Little Girl Steals A Kiss From The Pope

You’d agree with me that everyone knows the Pope. Even if we have not seen him physically, we have seen him on TV. The pope to many is an untouchable and sacred man. In fact, he is respected by many.

The video below shows the moment Mountain Butorac’s goddaughter met Pope Francis.

Mountain had led pilgrimages to the Vatican, and there he decided to wait with his goddaughter to see the pope.

Mountain and his goddaughter waited to see the pope arrive. When he arrived, something incredible happened. At first, the pope gave Mountain’s goddaughter a big kiss. She wasn’t satisfied with that; she wanted more. She held his hat and tried to pull it; Mountain quickly pulled her away. The pope seemed a little anger at first, but he soon resettled himself and started laughing.

Clearly, he found humor in what the little girl did. I’d find fun too. The pope understood that she meant no harm.

How would you react if you were the pope? Drop your answers in the comment box.

She’d sure have a good laugh with this video when she gets older.
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