Man Converts 1997 Minivan Into Home For $1,000, Then Reveals How He Lives Inside It

Some people travel the world to quench their thirst for adventure. Some are pure home lovers that are contented with a movie, a cup of coffee and couch filled with blankets and pillows.

But Brennan Hatton, a global adventurer, wanted to see new horizons without leaving his home behind. The solution? He turned his ride into a house that he can take anywhere! Read on to see how he did it.

In October 2015, Hatton posted a video on how he converted his Chevy Blazer into a home. The 83 Chevrolet Balzer cost him 1,600 dollars. In November of the same year, he said that his Chevy died and he replaced it with a 97 Ford Aerostar. He obviously got a better deal on his second purchase because the minivan only cost 600 dollars this time.

Brennan already had an AC inverter for batteries from his previous car and a rice cooker for the kitchen part. He also carries five gallons of backup water that he rarely uses because of easy water access wherever he goes.

The home improvements cost 100 dollars including racks, wood (for his bed), and boxes that he already owned. The car fixes cost him 80 dollars including an oxygen sensor fix, new oil, and oil filter. He also got a tire valve replacement for free. Half of his spending was due to the six months of insurance that cost him 610 dollars. That’s a total of 1,390 dollars for an all-in-one car and home with insurance!

This world traveler really got creative ideas! I can’t believe how he managed to fix the van up to fit a bed, pantry and even a guitar inside! The man knows how to fix his stuff.

In this video, Brennan takes us inside the minivan that he now calls home.