After Doctors Declare Her “Dead” She Manages to Do the Unthinkable

22 years old, Sam Hemming had a bright future ahead of her. She had a loving boyfriend. She was graduating with top marks and was starting her career as a lawyer. She had the world waiting for her until a devastating turn of events changed everything.


On a hot summer day, Sam was driving home with her boyfriend, Tom, to see their families. Suddenly, they got involved in a car crash and her whole life changed.

Tom suffered only a few minor injuries and was able to escape unscathed, but Sam flew out of the windshield and was left in critical condition.


She was soon taken by a helicopter to University Hospital Coventry, where surgeons did everything to save her life. She had a metal plate in her arm to repair three fractures. Her neck was broken in four places.

She underwent three operations and had to fight for her life.


But that wasn’t all of it, doctors had to put her in an artificial coma because one side of her brain was left ‘dead’.  

For 19 days, Sam stayed like this until a doctor called for her mother and told her that her daughter would never wake up again.

It was hard to make a decision, but Sam’s mother listened to what the doctors said and allowed them to turn off the machine that kept her daughter alive. It was for the best.

After the doctors turned off Sam’s life support, her toes began to wiggle underneath the blanket. It was a sign!

Not too long after that, Sam’s eyes fluttered open, and she was breathing.  No one could believe that she was alive; it was a miracle!


Carol said that it was as if Sam came back from the dead – wiggling her toes and mentally screaming that she was still alive, even after doctors pulled the plug on life support.

The right side of Sam’s brain may have been a lost cause, but the left side of her brain survived and she is now living her life with her loved ones around her.


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