After His Wife Becomes Sick Suddenly And Allergic To Him, The Husband Proves His Love By Staying With Her And Taking Care!

The couple Scott Watkins and Johanna had been married for 3 long years. All the things had been going very well until the time when Johanna had got very sick. She began experiencing allergies to many things at just the age of 29.

After being misdiagnosed by 30 doctors, she was finally diagnosed by Dr. Lawrence Afrin. The doctor worked at Minnesota University. The doctor diagnosed that the lady had MCAS or mast cell activation syndrome. This made her mast cells release the wrong chemicals at the incorrect times.

This sickness has made Johanna allergic to all things and also her her husband. But her husband Scott has always been by her side. He takes her to the doctor and is there at all the sad and bad times. He has even made an allergy-free zone at their house.

Scott says that he cannot get close to his wife and cannot even hug her.

She eats the same meal for lunch as well as dinner and lives upstairs while her husband is forced to stay in the lower floor. She is just not allergic to her siblings.

Johanna feels as if her body is at war with itself and she does not feel good at all.

Her husband Scott is busy renovating a house in which his wife would have a complete floor to herself. The whole renovation is being done with the aid of donations and some volunteers.

Johanna is very grateful to all for their help and she thanks all people who help them.

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