After Learning Words, Toddler Enjoys Singing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody

Learning words is an important education for children. Of course, before we walk, we should learn how to stand. At three years old, parents expect their children to speak or at least know basic nursery rhymes. Overall, it is all about nursery rhymes. If you love or listen to retro songs, you probably heard of the iconic band, Queen. One of the most popular songs of Queen us the Bohemian Rhapsody. What makes this song popular is it took only 6 minutes suite to write or composed for this song.

At three years old we expect our children to know the classic nursery rhymes and maybe a few lines from the odd pop song they have heard but this three-year-old has melted the hearts of people all around the world by singing a song most adults struggle with. While some tires are understandable, almost all of the lyrics on that song are not. The situation of this 3-year-old girl from Scotland is different. A few days ago, she just learned languages and words. Now? She takes her learning into the next level. After hearing the song, she fell in love with it. Her love for the song has made her memorize the song, word for word. More than 30,000 viewers adored her. Just a few days after posting the video, it immediately went viral.

If you see the video, you will be amazed at her. Her talent is so rare. According to Charlene McMahon, a 27-year old mother, Holly sings the song numerous times in a day. She was desperate to witness the newly filmed Bohemian Rhapsody. Her mom added that Holly is a shy girl and does not sing the song when in public. But when they both waiting for her dad on the back seat, she will sing the song. People hoped that Holy would not be tired singing this song. The creativity, talent, and passion this little girl have would have made Freddie Mercury happy and proud.