After Rescue, Abandoned Puppy Luckily Gets Home Sweet Home Fast

Police officers from Williston, Florida were busy at work one day when they encountered a horrendous sound. It seemed like a dog groaning.

However, they did not find a canine anywhere. The police then thought it would be best to follow the noise to discover what was making it.

Then, they were stunned to discover that the terrible sound was coming from a huge pile of earth.

The law enforcement agents reckoned that they should immediately act. Hence, they started to dig.

After some time of plowing, the eventually discovered a small puppy laying six inches under the ground.

The tiny animal had been abandoned and buried alive. The police officers realized that it was miraculous that the dog survived with a little amount of oxygen.

They soon took the baby canine to the veterinarian. There it was discovered that it was merely a week old.

Facebook / Williston Police Department

Luckily, the puppy was able to survive the close call it experienced. It was very hungry so it was given a bottle.

The puppy appeared delighted to be nourished. “Tucker” was the name given to him. The police staff became fond of him quickly.

Not only that, one of the veterinarians became smitten. Thus, she adopted him and was fortunately offered home sweet home for good.

It is common for innocent animals to face cruelty in the face of humans. They could be left in public places injured and helpless as if they were mere trash.

Apparently, despite Tucker’s challenging commencement of life on earth, it was certainly providential for him that he would be offered the best of care by warmhearted people.

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