Are Amber Teething Necklaces Useful And Harmless?

The market is full of toys and products that are perfect remedy for the child’s teething issue. One of them being a giraffe toy but the market is highly influenced amber necklace that witness the biggest market in history.

This necklace meant for teething of children had claimed that it removes the heavy pain and inflammation during teething. These beads are put to the necks on are worn on the wrist by the kids. The string helps the necklace to be worn by the child.

Due to the market witnessing the craze of organic stuffs this product is building a huge market for itself. But are these necklaces safe for children and what the scientific facts behind the necklace are.

Let us get the answer to these questions.

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How necklace works?

Flickr / lkonstanski

The necklaces made out of real amber are very helpful is removing pain and are natural reliever as well as they have succinct in them. One of the most renowned online retailers that sell these necklaces has explained that Baltic amber should be the one used for healing. When worn on the skin the warmth of the skin will allow the absorption of the healing element present in amber. They have also explained the benefits of amber are part of history as well. It had been widely used in Europe for ages.

Does this necklace works?


The success of the product is defined by the opinion of the people as kids cannot judge the real effect. But moms are happy with the results as they find it be a lifesaver and claiming it to be child’s new strangulation device.

Science does not agree with the concept though. In one of the article by Dr John Synder with the title “Amber Waves of Woo” he had tried putting up the misconception about the necklace. Agreeing that the necklace has Succinic acid but it is not enough to prove that has any analgesic effect. He even added it cannot be proven that the acid is released while in contact or the warming of the body catalyzes it. Even if it’s released there is no evidence in regards to abortion.

Despite the controversies moms have agreed that the necklace had been a revolution for them. One of the ladies from Green Bay Wisconsin Ms Alyssa Queensberry added that the necklace has acted wonders for her kid. The kid has 10 teeth and never came across such jolly kid ever in life. Another one from Virginia Ms Megan Boyles has stated she is in love with the product and her boys used them till the age of 2. She claims it reduced pain for them.

Are These Necklaces Safe?


Though many are not sure but the moms who have denied to its use have a lot to say about it.

One of the nurse and mother of three babies Sarah Pankenier from Ashburn said that she would never use these necklaces as they are not safe. According to her wearing it while sleeping or traveling is the biggest risk.

American Academy of Paediatricians have agreed with her view and warned the parents against use of any jewellery for their child. One of the paediatricians Natasha Burgert has said the necklaces are risky as they may lead to choking or strangulation. Though there are no much incidences reported yet but one of child died due to the necklace in 2016 and one escaped death in 2015 when her arm were stuck between neck and the necklace.

Alternative Remedies


To add a bad news this necklace is the not only remedy that had been criticized yet. Anbesol and Orajel have benzocaine as its content which associates with the condition known as met hemoglobin that occurs when there is lack of oxygen. Recently many homeopathic medicines have also been reported to contain belladonna that is a poisonous plant based substance.

There are number of remedies to help child relieve against the pain. Try using a cloth that is freezed and wrap it around your figures or a ring used for teething. But if necklace is your only choice then opt for the necklace for mom. The babies silicon necklace is great pick that helps the child relieve pain without being placed into their neck.

Where Can You Purchase The Necklace?

If you have planned to use amber teething necklace then buy it from a reputed vendor. This is because of certain logical rason including if you wish to spend on the necklace it should be real and a good amber necklace will always come with break way clasp and knotted beads.

These are few of the vendors with good rating: This Company sells huge variety of product both online and in Missouri which includes polished and raw amber. There are necklaces and bracelets available in variety of sizes. The retailer is known for cloth diapering and other products but has amber necklace available with them as well. As per the website the amber are 100 percent original and are polished and assembled by hand. There craftmen use old techniques that had been in use since centuries to make these beads.

Though there are controversies about the necklace but parents need not worry as the necklace comes with the bead individually knotted. All you need to consider that benefits of the necklace surpasses the disadvantages.

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