An Artist Helping A Fan In Proposing Her Girlfriend!!

First American idol Kelly Clarkson helps her fan to propose his long time girlfriend by stopping her concert in between. 16 December, holiday season, at, broad way concert in downtown Nashville, everyone is happy and delightfully enjoying Kelly’s performance of Christmas classics.

Kiana Clark, Kelly’s super huge fan is called up on stage by Kelly. She stopped her Christmas song in the middle and called her girlfriend along on to the stage.

Kiana takes over the microphone and boldly speaks her heart to her girlfriend in front of the large number of audience.

Clark confesses how she has been followingKelly on her every tour since she was 10 years old from past 13 years.

Later she confesses her feeling for Amanda (her girlfriend) that how amazing their two years of togetherness have been.She was wandering around and now she finally has a place to call home,a house that Clark and Amanda bought together. And to propose Amanda with the help of KellyClarkson is the best way.

Kiana bends on her one knee and asks Amanda to marry her.