“Angel” With Silver Eyes Rescued by a Couple in Georgia

Babies are considered as “angels”.

From the time she was born, Primrose already experienced unfairness. She was different. She was helpless.

The baby girl was born with severe inborn glaucoma. Her condition made her eyes appear like silver balls.

Since her poor body can’t yet bear with any medications, her glaucoma was left untreated for almost 2 years. Unfortunately, her last hope did not endure the pain. Primrose’s birth mother eventually abandoned her.

Despite being left by her real mother, Primrose remained to be strong.

One orphanage set as a haven for the forsaken child. A place where she could experience love inside a home.

No matter how the staff of the orphanage provides care to the children under their custody, it is evident that the “angels” suffer from a disadvantage, a disadvantage that can only be patched by their real parents.

While Primrose still cannot hold her own bottle, she is determined. The cute baby is so active and made the orphanage a worthy place to stay.

In 2016, heaven and earth seemingly connived. They seem to have formulated a conspiracy that will bring Primrose to Eryn and Chris Austin in Braselton, Georgia.

The couple has two children. But when they came across a page with Primrose’s story, the couple decided to add another one. According to Chris, they felt the innate connection between them and the baby with beautiful silver eyes.

Without wasting much time, Chris and Eryn settled the adoption papers.

Today, Primrose is happily living with Chris, Eryn, and her other two siblings. Even if she can’t see and has a hearing difficulty, Primrose knows that she is in good hands.

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