Animals Lebanon Saved Siberian Cubs to Be Sold in Black Market

In March 2017, customs personnel from the Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport in Lebanon found an unusual box made of wood.

Its dimension was 16 inches tall with a number of holes along its sides. Because of the lack of appropriate labeling on the box, it stayed at the airport for one week.

The airport staff obtained a lawful permit to open the box and take a look at its contents. Then, they found three tiny Siberian cubs.

They were fighting for their lives after lying inside the box for a week without consuming water and food.

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On Facebook, Animals Lebanon, an animal rights organization, confirmed that the box was not labeled properly.

It did not state that it contained live animals like the cubs. In addition, it did not contain information about its sender and recipient.

Facebook/Animals Lebanon
The three male cubs had been flown from Ukraine and they were supposed to be sold to a zoo based in Syria.Siberian tigers are listed in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List as highly endangered species. They are highly pursued in the black market.Animals Lebanon demanded the acquisition of the cubs after the shocking findings.

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A judge ordered the suffering animals to be put in the custody of the animal welfare group due to their lamentable health condition and for them to regain their wellness.

Animals Lebanon sent a wildlife animal specialist to evaluate the baby tigers. The veterinarians found out that the cubs were not vaccinated.

Animals Lebanon described the Cubs’ paw pads, hind legs, and thighs as sore due to urine covering them for quite some time.

The animal welfare group ensured that they were given the care they needed. ┬áThe cubs’ condition later improved. With legal basis, Animals Lebanon fought for the Tigers’ welfare.

In addition, they prevented them from being returned to the Ukrainian zoo that intended to sell them for thousand-dollar prices in the black market.

The legal decision to place them in an animal sanctuary is now pending.

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