Anna Nicole Smith’s Daughter is All Grown Up Now

Anna Nicole Smith was an American model, actress, and a reality TV star. Her death was due to a prescription drug overdose in the year 2007, only months after laboring and delivering her child Dannielynn.

At the zenith of the reality star’s death, Dannielynn instantly became the controversial baby wherein speculation and drama enveloped her during her childhood years.

At first, there were a few contenders on the possibility of Dannielynn’s father, until the court ordered a paternity test. The result revealed that Larry Birkhead, Anna’s boyfriend, was the father.

Now, it has been ten years since the death of the supermodel; Larry Birkhead is continuing to raise her daughter as a single dad in Louisville, Kentucky. Their hometown is an excellent ground to raise Dannielynn out of the media’s spotlight. Barrick shuns her away from the Hollywood spotlight so she can enjoy her regular life.

Presently, Barrick only allows Dannielynn to use the social network app called Snapchat. He feels that having social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not appropriate at the age of 11 since it will open the door for people to criticize and shame her publicly.

Unlike her mom who craved for the spotlight, Dannielynn was a bit shy when talking in front of the camera. She was offered modeling jobs years ago. However, she kept saying no to the modeling deals.

Through the years, many people say that Dannielynn’s looks are very similar to Anna Nicole. But now she’s grown up, with her unique charm and personality.

Similar to the routines of kids her age, after coming home from school, she gets tutored by her dad. She’s also obsessed with her pet lizard.