Anxious Wife Helped by Cops, Spent Anniversary With Husband

Rose Roderick wanted to be at her husband’s side for their anniversary. However, her partner Julian was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was confined in the hospital.

Rose and Julian were married for more than three decades, and they were about to celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary. Since Julian’s admission, Rose makes time to visit him every day, and they were looking forward to their anniversary. Unfortunately, their anniversary this year is on Thanksgiving Day.

Rose had to look for other transportation means because bus trips were temporarily halted. She was devastated thinking that she won’t possibly be able to spend their last anniversary together. She said that Julian is the love of her life. Hence, she will do whatever it takes to be at his side.

She took her chances and called the policemen in Lodi, California. She asked them if they could give her a lift and bring her to the hospital. Luckily, the police officers said yes.

The cops showed up at her doorsteps. They did not only drop her off the hospital, but they also accompanied her inside. There the police officers were able to meet Julian, and they witnessed how the two loved each other. In an interview, one of the officers said that helping people in the community in any way they can is also their responsibility. He added that fulfilling the wish of the couple made them happy.

Rose was in tears, and she was very thankful to the officers. If not for them, the couple will spend their anniversary and the holidays apart. The officers were also grateful that they were able to help the couple fulfill their wish.

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