Apologies Really Do Make Situations Better

Carol Jordan has two black Labrador Retriever pups who are famous for finding trouble and getting themselves into the thick of it. These two pooches have been known for digging up holes in the yard, and they have also been responsible for destroying a tractor.

With such a long mischievous history, the two dogs have now gone viral for another reason. Their latest exploit has thrust them into the limelight and into the local news.

The story starts with a UPS driver delivering a package to Carol Jordan who lives on the Isle of Wight, Virginia. With the delivery truck unattended, Carol’s pups went to work. They snuck into the UPS truck and stole the driver’s lunch.

After realizing what the dogs had done, the driver made a note on the package receipt explaining what had happened. In the note, the driver detailed that the dogs had snuck into the truck and ate her lunch which consisted of eggs, pumpkin seeds, and carrots.

The driver wanted to make sure that Carol was aware of what her pups had eaten, in case it would have a negative impact on the health of her dogs.

Hilariously though, Carol posted the note on social media along with a picture of her dogs looking as guilty as hell. The post has been shared for more than 15 thousand times.

As for the UPS driver, she received a cute surprise from the sneaky two pups. In another post, the driver shared a photo of an apology note from Carol and her dogs. Along with the letter was a gift card for Subway.

It seems that all’s well that ends well for both the UPS delivery driver and Carol’s devious dogs.

Footage provided by WTKR Norfolk