As The Customer Refuses To Pay Any Tip To The Rude Waiter, The Waiter Locks Her In The Restaurant Until She Pays It!

On a dinner with friends and family, Jasmine Marks went to La Fisherman in Texas. The place was not very friendly.

The orders were not taken properly and it took a lot of time to serve. Also the attendant never topped up the drinks and was rude. Also, whatever was ordered was not received in full.

As per the hotel policy, any group of over five people needs to pay a minimum tip of seventeen percent. When the bill arrived, Jasmine was okay to pay the bill but not the tip.

So they asked if they can waive off the tip amount and they will pay what they felt good for the service. But the manager was unhappy and refused.

Jasmine says “How can we remove the tip. We are not happy with the kind of service provided.”

When they maintained about their grievances on the service quality, the staff locked them inside and called the police.

When Marks asked the police office that is it a breach of any law if we do not pay the tip, the police did not give the correct answer.

As Marks had no time and intent to fight, she paid the tip and went.

According to Dan Parson of Houston’s Better Business Bureau, customers should be aware of such policies. But he gives no clear answer.

He further adds, in the hotel industry, with food you should love your guests also. But he does not convey a clear message.

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