Autistic Girl Can Bareley Speak, But When She Sings She Transforms Into A Different Person

Being different can be very scary for some people. Some call it standing out. One of the greatest hopes for most parents is that their children grow up to be healthy and normal. Whatever normal is. However, one young woman has shown us all how great not blending in can be. She did so by revealing a hidden talent that she had that had been buried within her for years.

By the time Carly Fleischmann was 3 years old it was clear to her parents that something just wasn’t quite right. She was just a little different. They grew more and more concerned, especially when they realized she wasn’t interacting, and speaking in the same way, other children her age were.

It was about that time that Carly was diagnosed with autism, oral-motor apraxia, and cognitive delay, which caused her to have a hard time with sounds and words.

But Carly kept another secret all to herself. One she didn’t even let her parents know. Her secret was that she could sing.

She kept it secret until Reggie Yates, who was a reality show star and TV host, found out about the now 23-year old Carly’s singing talent. He decide to pay Carly a visit to see if she would sing for him

A little shy about it at first her mom gently coaxed her, “Should we do ‘All That Jazz'” her mother asked. To which Carly whispered, “OK.”

As the song begins Carly is struggling with her thoughts, but then she begins to sing and out comes the voice of an angel. Her voice smooth and clear, and her usually rigid body transforms into one you might think was that of a seasoned Broadway star.


It was as though the sound of her own voice singing enable her to relax and release herself from the grips of her ailments.

Carly’s story is such a powerful message about not judging others based on what may appear to be differences. You just never know what talent they have hidden below the surface. It also very clearly demonstrates why it’s so important to find your passion in life. That thing that releases you from the grip of all your ailments.

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